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Patriots Athletics

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5.0 years ago @ 9:05AM

Patriots holding head high after loss in semifinal

APA ends season 15-5

Different field, different players, but the same rough end to a successful season for the Arendell Parrott Academy girls’ soccer as the Patriots fell to Asheville Christian Academy 2-1 in the state semifinals for the second straight year.

The Patriots (15-6) entered with a defense that had shut out opponents for 598 minutes.

That streak continued until 620 minutes, despite the constant pressure by the Lions (13-2-3).

“They came out with so much energy,” APA coach Shivar Person said. “They came out with so much fire for traveling 5 hours on the bus today. The first 20 minutes of the game set the tone, and they set the tone. We were the ones playing catch up.”

With 18 minutes left in the first half, the Lions finally broke through the wall with a goal. Only 58 seconds later, they broke through again.

The 2-0 lead was insurmountable as the Patriots struggled to get opportunities at all, much less good ones.But with a final last charge, the Patriots broke through. APA couldn’t come back, but Person was happy with his girls last ditch effort.

“It was heart, they believed, the only time they didn’t think they could win the game was when t got to zero,” Person said. “We don’t quit, we scored in every game this year, and we’ve never done that before either. We’re just doing things the right way, but tonight we were on the wrong end of it.”

The Patriots coming off their second straight semifinal, will once again have to replace another great senior class as they have to replace 8 seniors that won 54 games, the most a senior class has ever won in the program history. Before this semifinals loss, the Patriots had been to two in the entire program history, but this senior class went twice in a calendar year.

“They came out here out as seventh graders, they wanted to be the best team in the state, and we didn’t win today, but I think we proved that they can be,” Person said with tears streaming down his face. “These eight seniors, they put us back on the map. There’s going to be a banner in that gym one day, and this is where it started.”

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